Other Products

Other Products

In addition to all the different products described on this web page, we can supply the following technical and industrial products:

We can supply all kind of screws, both standard and special, with high quality at a very competitive price, with different types of:

  • heads
  • surface plating or treatments
  • for different kinds of materials
  • in different materials
  • with different kinds of threads
  • etc.

We can supply screws such as type Remfor, Taptite, Fastite, Extrude-Tite, Powerlock, Plastite, Pushtite, with Torx, white or black or silver zinc, etc.

We can supply all kind of washers, such as flat ones, waved ones or with legs.

We can supply all kind of anti-vibration systems, in elastic materials as well as in both elastic – metallic and metallic – metallic, for all kind of applications but the most common are the ones related to the air conditioning systems.

Spiral Springs or Clock Springs, with a constant force or torque as well as the traditional ones, is something that we can also supply, as well as special hooks springs, in rare shapes and in non conventional materials.


If you wish to request information do not hesitate to contact us.