Advanced Industrial Solutions

Highest quality, tailor-made solutions for your precision engineering requirements.

Compression, traction, torsion, copper coils, wire forms.

Fine stamping, flat stamping, stamping and forming.
All kinds of contacts or rivets, in any shape, in all kinds of materials.
Copper and its alloys, steels, precious metals, special metals, titanium, etc.
Molds for plastic injection, plastic injection parts in all kinds of materials.

Reversible Clip for Parquet for Outdoor Decking (Patented)

Screws, washers, anti-vibration, spirals and special springs.

Springcotec S.L.

Springcotec S.L. was established in Spain in early 2002 as the Commercial Agent for a number of Spanish subcontract engineers, specializing in the supply of quality piece parts for all applications where precision is of the utmost importance.

Since that time, we have built our reputation on the unquestioned technical expertise of the Spanish precision industry, and as a result, we now supply custom-made companies.

All our products are manufactured directly to customer specifications, and we are able to offer design assistance and technical consultation at all stages of the project, from initial planning through to final realization.

In addition, all our manufacturing principals offer quality assurance and full traceability thanks to ISO 9000 or TS 16949 and/or QS 9000 and/or VDA 6.1 accreditation.

Our aim is to provide the customer with the highest quality, most cost-effective, tailor-made solution to their precision engineering requirements.

Springcotec S.L. is your partner in the design and development of your products. St the start of a project, we team up with customers to ensure our product design and specification fit the requirements exactly.

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Our suppliers production means, as well as the control or inspection ones, are the most recent and modern ones, because most of the machines are CNC, and in most of the cases behind them there are special control and inspection means that control and select the pieces guaranteeing that the quality of what we deliver is at 100%.

In addition to that, we can make fatigue, PPAP and FMEA studies, as well as dimensional controls and inspection and with all the pieces we deliver we enclose a Final Inspection Report or a Certificate of Conformity.

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